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The LinkedIn Agency Playbook

linkedin agency playbook

It’s Not Just About Knowing The System, But ALL ABOUT USING IT!

There’s more to this little book than “just” my battle-tested strategies and tactics. It’s a means to end. It’s your ticket to building your own ‘client capture’ system.

Here’s a fraction of what you’re getting:

  • 14 second agency quiz. Page 6.
  • Don’t make this mistake. Page 9.
  • Required actions to keep the lights on. Page 10.
  • Three secrets all owners must know. Page 15.
  • Four question client getting formula. Page 20.
  • The difference this one thing will make. Page 25.
  • What value-added services to offer. Page 28.
  • How to cut through the noise. Page 30.
  • Say goodbye to having a small list! Page 31.
  • The truth about LinkedIn. Page 32.

Specifically Designed For People Who Dread AND SUCK AT “SALES”!

Okay, I think most people don’t like “sales”, so you’re not alone. Personally, I can’t stand it. I’d rather be a rock smasher or an elevator attendant than be a typical “salesman”. And that is why I’ve spent years developing the system I outlined in this playbook. You will learn:

  • Where to find clients on LinkedIn. Page 35.
  • How to bring your client avatar to life. Page 37.
  • 4 steps to optimize your LinkedIn profile. Page 41.
  • Convert LinkedIn prospects into leads. Page 44.
  • Groups to avoid and what groups to join. Page 47.
  • How to get connections at 50 to 70%. Page 50.

You’ll Know How to Make More Sales!

Enjoy the same freedom and security this system gave me. Not because I think I’m better at sales or “agency stuff”, but because I think there are a lot of agency owners out there who are in the same position I used to be.

  • How to bring traffic to your sales funnel. Page 55.
  • What messages to send new connections. Page 62.
  • How to inject the power of scarcity. Page 67.
  • Steps to land sales qualified appointments. Page 69.
  • How to calculate your agency ROI. Page 74.
  • Avoid the wrong content at the wrong time. Page 75.
  • How to stay top of mind. Page 77.
  • Get all the raw material you need for the month. Page 80.
  • How to automate your LinkedIn profile. Page 82.

You’re Also Getting My Complete Agency Webinar Blueprint!

In this bonus section, you will learn:

  • Create the ‘ultimate’ webinar experience. Page 83.
  • How to run a trouble free webinar. Page 84.
  • Save hours of time on your presentation. Page 86.
  • What to do before you start your webinar. Page 87.
  • A ‘foolproof’ way to get more sign ups. Page 88.
  • How to drive webinar attendance. Page 89.
  • What to do during your webinar. Page 90.
  • Instantly convert attendees into clients. Page 91.
  • Get people to stay to the end of the webinar. Page 92.
  • What to do after your webinar. Page 94.

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